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NEW members wanted!

Do you love travelling abroad and learning about different cultures? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Are you interested in learning about different topics of veterinary medicine apart from the lectures in Bern? Then IVSA might be the right thing for you!
A few years ago, the current IVSA Bern-team brought our member organisation back to life. We have been inactive for many years and only recently and after a lot of work  we got our status as an active MO back. Sadly, all of the current members are to leave vet school in two years. In order to not let the idea of IVSA in Bern die again, we need... YOU!

What we are looking for:
  • IVSA Bern needs new members that can take over our current positions in a year or two. 
  • What you need to do depends on your position - the treasurer manages our finances, the EO organises group exchange for foreign students or communicates with oder EOs in order to place students from Bern abroad, and so on.


What do you get from it?
  • No money - as an active IVSA member, you are not paid, but what you get from it is totally worth it.
  • Opportunities to travel around the world meeting other vet students from almost every country and, through this, establish a network of international contacts.
  • Opportunities to go abroad for internships or be part / organise a group exchange, something you will remember for a long time
  • Insight in so many different methods of teaching and practising veterinary medicine
  • Something to write on your CV - many fully-grown veterinarians do remember IVSA when it used to be active earlier on. Who knows, it might me the little extra that makes you getting a job?


What do you need?

  • Good english skills - it is the communication language of IVSA
  • Motivation to invest time - yes, in order to keep it running, you will have to invest some time in answering mails, reading the monthly bulletins and maybe also some weeks of your holiday joining a congress or symposium - but it will be worth it!


Application for the 66th IVSA Symposium in South Africa

Are you looking for a cool experience where you get to meet vet students from all over the world? Are you interested in Wildlife and looking for an affordable option to experience South Africa? Then this might be the perfect event for you!

The symposium takes place from 9th to 19th of December 2017. 

uploaded 27. August 2017

The fee of approx. 350 € covers accommodation, food, lectures, workshops and excursions during the duration of the congress.

For more information, check out their website and contact us about the application process.

We would be happy to have Bern represented in South Africa!


UPLOADED 27. August 2017

EAEVE evaluators wanted!

The EAEVE is the official accrediation authority for veterinary education establishments within Europe. It evaluates vet schools in Europe and acknowledges them officially if they reach a certain standard.

For this project, EAEVE is looking for students who visit the schools, talk to the staff and students in order to get a deeper insight in the specific vet school. In return, the student has all travel expenses covered.

If you want to know more about this interesting opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us!