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UPLOADED 27. August 2017

66th IVSA Congress in Malaysia 

For the second time, IVSA Bern was present at an international IVSA congress. This year it was held in Malaysia and we were happy to send two students from Bern who, together with two people from Zurich, represented IVSA Switzerland during the General Assemblies.

A congress is a meeting of representatives of the existing chapters from around the world. During the official meetings, the «General Assemblies», the delegates decide about the future of IVSA by accepting new bylaws or policy papers and elect the Executive Committee of the next term. Much more important are the social events during the congress. They always include a cultural evening where you can taste food and alcohol from all over the world, a white t-shirt party where your new friends leave lovely comments or awesome drawings on your shirt and a formal dinner where you get to enjoy the company of so many amazing people for one last evening, being all dressed up fancy.

Apart from that, there is always time to discover the country and get a great insight in a different culture as one is travelling with the locals. The OC in Malaysia made sure we had a great time and that we don’t miss out on any asian experience - like Durian, their favourite (very smelly) fruit.

For now, the symposium in South Africa (9th to 19th of December) opened the application and we would be happy to again be able to send students from Bern to represent us.

The next congress is held in Krakow, Poland next July.

Send us a message for more information!

IVSA Bern / Zurich presenting swiss food on the cultural evening.


Group Exchange with Lyon

Exchange Lyon - Bern autumn 2015

Lyon, 16.10.-18.10.2015

We finally organised our first group exchange ever! Excited about that and also a little bit nervous, we arrived by train in Lyon around noon. There, the students from Lyon picked us up by car and took us to their huge campus in the outskirts of Lyon. We had lunch in their colourfully painted cafeteria and were welcomed by the dean of Lyon Veterinary School. Afterwards, a student took us on a tour to show us their clinics. We even had the possibility to do an ultrasound examination of a dog. This was very cool, informative and interesting experience for us since none of us Swiss students had ever done one before. Later, two Lyon students led us around the area around the clinics and also showed the dormitories they have very close to the school. All of us were very impressed by this huge area and how different the Lyon vet school is from ours. In the evening, IVSA Lyon presented us their chapter and told us about the exchanges they’ve done so far. This was very informative und helpful for us because we are still an unexperienced chapter and are thankful for all the advice we can get from more experienced chapters like Lyon. Then, we had a dinner and the chance to get to know each other a little better. Later in the evening there was a party on the campus which was organized by the first year students. Since we were interested in all parts of the life as a student from Lyon we were excited to go there. The Party was great und gave us a good introduction to the French campus culture, which is a whole lot different to ours.

Saturday started with a brunch that even included delicious warm waffles. Later, we went to Lyon to see the city. One of the students, who knows Lyon very well, gave us a tour which included all the important spots of Lyon and told us a lot of interesting facts and funny anecdotes about the city. She also introduced us to special spots like the oldest balconies of Lyon or the very narrow, famous streets called “trabecules”. After a dinner at the host’s home, we got back to the city to discover the nightlife of Lyon.

On Sunday, we went for a nice late lunch in a restaurant in the heart of Lyon. It was an amazing place that offered a lot of delicious typical Lyon dishes, it was really a pity that we couldn’t taste all of them. Unfortunately we already had to leave and catch our train back home right after the lunch. We all felt a little sad about that because we had a great time in Lyon, not a least because of the huge hospitability and kindness of the French students, but it was not too bad because we knew that in only three weeks, we will see each other again.

Bern, 06.11.-08.11.2015

Now, it was our turn to show Bern to the students from Lyon. They arrived on Friday evening and we ate dinner with them at our campus. Saturday morning, we showed them around our clinics (horse, small animal und livestock) and the rest of our rather small campus. In the afternoon, we went to the zoo in Bern, the Dählhölzli. A guide told us a lot of things about how they keep their animals and explained us why the enclosures are created the way they are. I guess, that all of us will see zoos and zoo animals a little different now. After our zoo visit, we got back to the campus to go to the SkillsLab. The SkillsLab is a room at our university where you can train some basic veterinary skills on models. So together we practised how to take milk samples, how to do the CMT, how to put a naso-gastric tube in a horse, how to tie a cow securely to a pole and how to bandage horse’s legs. In the evening, we served our guests the traditional Swiss meal Älpler-Maggaroni. After that, the original plan was to go out in Bern, but because everybody was tired, we decided to change our program and to go to sleep and then to get up early in the morning to go to the mountains.

Early on Sunday morning, I think not everyone was already really awake, we hiked to a small lake in the mountains. At its shore, we ate a brunch and enjoyed the nice view and the morning breeze.
I think even for the Swiss students who are used to being in the mountains, this was a special experience. After that, we got back to Bern and showed them our hometown, unfortunately without seeing the bears who live in the bear park because they were already in hibernation. In the evening, we went to a light show that projects a short movie on the federal parliament building in the middle of the city, which is similar to the light shows in Lyon for Fête des Lumières.

Sadly, the end of the show was also the end of our amazing group exchange and our friends went back home. This time it was really hard to say goodbye to all these amazing people, because we probably won’t see each other for a long time... but I think that there are good chances that there will be an exchange Lyon-Bern one day again because it was a really good and cool exchange and we learned so much, saw and did a lot of interesting thing and last but not least gained new friends.

Dinner with our friends from Denmark and Zürich


18 April 2015

In March, the students from IVSA Denmark and IVSA Zürich who were at this moment doing an exchange together, visited us. We invited them to eat the traditional Swiss dish Raclette with us und showed them around on our campus and in our clinics. After the delicious dinner and one or two bottles of white wine, we went to the city to show them the nightlife of Bern. It was a very enjoyable and interesting evening that pleased to everybody. Who knows, perhaps there will be one day the possibility to visit our Danish friends in Denmark?