Fachschaft Veterinärmedizin
Universität Bern

Get an overview of our annual parties

"Weihnachtskommers" on December 15 and 16, 2023

The "Weihnachtskommers", organized by the Fourth Years, is THE celebration at the Animal Hospital and always takes place just before Christmas. After a funny theater play, which revolves around life at the Animal Hospital, the evening continues in the premises of the Animal Hospital with DJ and bars. You can't miss this event!

By the way, to get us in the party mood early, there will be a pre-party in the Anatomy Building on October 19, 2023.

"Tutorenfest" in March

This costumed party is organized by third-year students. The class chooses the theme. This party is also held in the Anatomy Building. Our university building is decorated according to the theme. There is dancing, drinking games and laughter.

"Waldfest" in May

This party takes place in the forest, 15 minutes away from the animal hospital, or at the animal hospital itself and is organized by the second year course. After a tasty meal of suckling pig or veggie sausages, the party gets going among the trees and bushes. This last party of the academic year should not be missed (like all other parties of course ;) ), especially because afterwards towards the end of the semester the seriousness of life begins because of the upcoming exams.