Fachschaft Veterinärmedizin
Universität Bern


and permanent tasks

Here you can see which offices and further tasks there are in the student council, and which tasks the respective positions have:

The President leads the meetings of the Board as primus inter pares.
The other duties:
   - Presides over the general meetings;
   - Is aware of all business of the board of directors
   - Coordinates the work of the entire board
   - may convene board meetings
   - prepares the board meetings
   - has the casting vote in case of a tie in the board meeting
   - is responsible for the preparation of the annual report, to be submitted to the
     General Assembly

Vice President
The Vice President is the deputy of the President.
In case of absence of the President, the Vice-President shall represent the President and
assumes all of his/her duties ad interim.
The other duties:
   - prepares the agenda of the board meeting
   - prepares the board meetings
   - can convene board meetings
   - is responsible for the public appearance of the board and the student body.
     Veterinary Medicine Students Bern to the outside world

The secretary is responsible for taking minutes of all meetings.
Other duties:
   - can call board meetings
   - checks the student council mail account daily
   - checks the student council mailbox
   - keeps the student council files

Financial Officer
The financial officer manages the finances of the student council.
students of veterinary medicine Bern.
Further tasks:
   - Provides the Executive Board, at the request of the Executive Board, within one week a
     detailed report on the finances of the Student
     Students of Veterinary Medicine Bern
   - is responsible for the preparation of the budget, for the attention of the General Assembly
   - is responsible for the preparation of the annual statement of accounts, for the attention of the General Assembly
     Plenary Assembly
   - has unrestricted access to all information about the student body
     Veterinary students Bern

Party Master
The festival manager is the liaison between the board of directors and the respective organizing committees.
respective organizing committees of the festivals.
The further tasks are:
   - can report within one week to the board about the organization of the festivals
   - gives a report to the board about the festivities that have taken place
   - delivers a short report to the board about the "jeudi facultativs" that have taken place,
     as soon as they have been carried out

In addition to the official positions, other tasks are also permanently assigned
tasks are assigned permanently, these include:
   - Representation in the Vetsuisse faculty meeting.
   - Representation on the Faculty College/Faculty Committee
   - Representation in the Teaching Commission
   - Representation in the Promotion Commission
   - Representation in the appointment committees
   - Representation in the board of the Alumni Association
   - Guided tours of the animal hospital
   - Media officer
   - Responsible for material